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Managing change in a changing world

Challenges for organisational and technical change that transforms an organisation rarely come in neat single item boxes. Even if it is only intended to change one facet within an organisation, such change will invariably impact related areas. Management of change must therefore cater for all elements within a change program.

Most organisations do not employ resources for transformational change management because such resources are not required all the time and it is often important that such resources have up to date knowledge and skills so as to maximise the advantage of change. It is also often beneficial for change management to be independent of internal politics.

It is usually financially and functionally beneficial, to bring in an outside resource to drive a transformational change project, whereas incremental change may often be driven by internal managers.

McNeill Associates are happy to discuss your organisational or technical change program without any obligation or up front cost.

The fact you are reading this page indicates you have a project in mind, so why not pick up the phone now and discuss it or use the contact page to outline your requirements.

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Now that you have hopefully solved the puzzle and have accepted that part of the challenge to driving change is to get parts of the solution in the right order. It is worth noting that 80-90 % of change projects fail for many reasons. The usual reasons for this is include, underestimating the changes required, failing to recognise that internal change will rarely change management empires, failing to give enough time for culture change etc. If you would like to chat about the changes you are trying to change, please call Bryn on 0208 294 1812.
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