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Bryn McNeill formed McNeill Associates in 1989 after a career that covered Engineering design and project management, Large scale national change of the building design function, as computer services became available, Software and product development on national and international projects with GE Information services, Setting up the IT function for an American oil company operating in the UK.

Bryn has developed and managed several companies as MD and now works as a stand alone consultant, concentrating on community and small business development. During his career, he has helped individuals develop successful consultancy and management careers and most of those helped now run their own companies in the UK and around the world.

Using associate resources McNeill Associates is driving commercial and community change, mainly within the SE London area. Developments have included community web sites and web portals catering for hundreds of businesses who are allowed to change their own content areas of a portal.

The projects managed have also driven team developments, that encouraged many organisations to work together, to achieve commercial and community goals.

The associate model has always been an important element for McNeill Associates and Bryn currently chairs a weekly meeting, which many of the associates attend.

The associate model allows virtual project groups to be pulled together very quickly, made up of senior experienced professionals, that can easily work together to deliver effective results, in a cost effective manner.

If you think that McNeill Associates can deliver results for your organisation, please call and discuss your requirements or use the contact form on this site to outline your requirements.

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